Develop a positive “Super Boomer” Mindset…Get the job of your dreams

Have a “super boomer” mindset

With a Super boomer “mindset”:-

You are:

  • worthy
  • exceptional
  • a valuable contributor
  • experienced
  • knowledgeable
  • able to train and mentor others.

Remember to work on your self-esteem to develop a positive mindset

Also remember, this is 80% of your effort!

Seek the support of your family, friends and former work colleagues.

Make your mental commitment to:

  • Be the best you can be
  • Apply for jobs that you can get
  • Be realistic regarding your job expectations – Your salary and conditions.


Translate your positive mindset into

  • your job resume…
  • written correctly
  • written appropriately
  • with regard to the job specifications
  • with your talents and the value you bring to the position
  • individually tailored for the job
  • personal yet professional
  • if you can,  provide a VIDEO demonstrating your personality and professionalism
  • remember to provide references and trade certifications
  • set yourself apart from the pack
  • show individual flare
  • precis your resume down to dot points if necessary to keep it brief.
  • mention the job responsibilities, your experience, and your supervisory capacities in line with the position you are applying for.
  • your achievements and their monetary value if possible.
  • reasons for moving on. The truth never hurts, so be honest!

Interview techniques

  • Be positive.
  • Stand up at reception. Do not sit down.
  • Be punctual if not early.
  • Know why you are seeing and meeting the interviewer.
  • Know the position backwards.
  • Know why you are there
  • Remember to get the preliminary stuff out of the way early.
  • Say yes to water and no to coffee or tea.
  • Dress appropriately. Always ask for dress standards before attending the interview.
  • Present to the interview well groomed…hair, face, suit, shirt, tie, shoes.
  • When meeting the interviewer… Remember to look the person in the eyes.
  • Present a firm handshake whilst maintaining eye contact.
  • Remember the person's name and refer to it often.
  • Keep everyone involved.

Define your ideal job position

  • Your level of experience
  • Your knowledge
  • Your skills
  • Your expertise
  • Your previous and ongoing training
  • Your technological skills
  • Your management skills, both middle and senior management levels.


  • Type of job or position you are seeking.
  • Your salary… retainer, salary, superannuation, allowances and commissions.

Be realistic

  • Can you get the job you want?
  • Are you too over-qualified?
  • Are you too under qualified?
  • Are you too close to retirement?
  • Are you already/have been retired?
  • Looking to get back into the workforce…where, when and how?
  • Get what you can…
  • Be prepared for a shock. It may not be at the level that you wanted.

Age consideration

  • Industry research tells me that 48 years of age seems to be the cut-off point.
  • Biased employment consultants
  • Biased bosses… they will not employ someone with better skills, more experience and more knowledge than themselves.
  • Not spend their $ on “oldies”- They won’t be around long enough to be effective and productive.
  • Last in…first out…”jobs for the boys”

Where to find jobs

  • there are many web sites to visit and apply online, such as
  • Seek, Career One.
  • And, you must decide whether you wish to pursue full time or part time job opportunities.
  • Look for job opportunities with private companies where you will find advertisements that are far less biased against older, more experienced employees.
  • Here’s one from left field to consider…Many successful Babyboomer employees have commenced work on the proviso they take no salary for the first month whilst they prove themselves to their new employer.

But, before you do anything, you must first admit it to yourself and to your family your exact position.

Take responsibility to make changes that are necessary for you to continue in the workforce in the job you want, for the salary you want, for as long as you want.

So, here are some considerations you need to take into account when you find yourself out of work:

 Emotional… how do you feel?

  • alone
  • exasperated
  • mad
  • sad
  • letting others down
  • letting myself down
  • but, I’m head of the family
  • breadwinner and major contributor
  • professionally let down
  • it's unfair
  • It’s just they are too short sighted
  • jobs for the boys??

Anti-age group

  • have a predisposition against babyboomers.
  • biased
  • short sighted.
  • lack of management skills
  • no forward planning

What happened to experience?

  • skills
  • knowledge
  • professionalism
  • longevity
  • training skills to pass on
  • technology levels

 Financial considerations

  • no steady income
  • no holidays
  • no superannuation
  • leads to lack of funds
  • ongoing commitments
  • loans personal into the bank
  • mortgages
  • insurance
  • credit cards
  • others, such as hire purchase agreements for the family car.
  • how long will your savings last?  Weeks, months or not at all.
  • need to discuss your position with your bank and other financial institutions 
  • even what you are spending on clothing

Flexible commitments?

  • Foxtel
  • Tattslotto
  • Online betting
  • Mobile phone plans
  • Home phone
  • Golf Club fees
  • Sports club fees
  • Food & beverages

Other things to consider

  1. utilities… electricity, gas
  2. social  security
  3. do you qualify?
  4. means test?
  1.  Mental acceptance…Why me? Set goals. Make plans.
  2. Contingencies to review.
  3.  Looking for a job – how, where, what to look for
  4. Your resume.
  5. Interview techniques.
  6. Over the phone interviews.

In summary:

Always remember you are a worthy candidate. You can do the job. You can get the job of your dreams. You do have the support of your family. You have everything you need to be “the best you can be”.

So…go out there and prove to yourself you are a contender.

Good luck.

My very best wishes.

Remember: Make every day your best day ever…







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