How exciting is 2018 going to be for you??

Now that we have all the Christmas celebrations behind us and the excitement dies a little…until we get to New Years Eve…and more celebrations, I'm not sure about you, but it gives me time to reflect on 2017, which is fast disappearing.

Has it been the year you wanted it to be? Did you achieve the goals you set yourself in the beginning of the year? Or…did they get the…oh well…”maybe next year” response/excuse?

I'll save talking about personal goal setting (and achievement) for another time, but it is one of my favorite topics to explore.

So, here we are…staring 2018 down the barrel…wondering, will it be just another year of struggles…whether that means financial struggles, health challenges, family issues, retirement considerations, “older” family members “relocating decisions and so much more???

As we “progress” in age, I'm sure we all find the challenges about our lives, the lives of our older family members, then our sons and daughters lives and the lives of their children, all come into play. We will seem to spend an inordinate amount of time discussing the “what if's” of our daily lives and what plans we need to put into place to (try) to make it happen.

History has told us, it's not that easy. Something always seems to crop up to (potentially) dash our plans for our family…whether it be health considerations, or most likely…wealth (or lack thereof) challenges.

I really admire those people who set themselves specific goals for the coming new year and actually work towards achieving them. After all, why set a goal if you don't commit to it!?

So, I urge you, as my wife and I will do in the coming days in the lead up to 2018, to sit down, discuss your wants, needs, desires for next year, then write them down, plan out how you are going to achieve your plans, the effect their achievement will have for your family and your own self esteem…and then commit to them.

Make sure you write your new year's resolutions (goals) down and put them somewhere prominent so that you are reminded daily of your commitment to them. Where possible, shorten the goal to a single word, or short sentence so you can read them each day as your “affirmation” for a positive day ahead!

Given that this time last year, I was in “recovery mode” from my cancer challenge, 2017 needed to be a year of reflection of my personal health journey and what it meant to be/stay healthy so I could get on with what I really wanted to achieve. Did I succeed?? In some ways…NO…but in a great way YES…my doctors have given me the “all clear”, describing me as being in “long term remission”!!

Does this give me a burn to make 2018 an absolute winner??? You bet it does…!

So…what are you going to plan for and achieve in 2018?

Please write back to me and let us all share our life challenges together.

I always say: ” Make every day your best day ever…”

Let's make 2018 our best year ever.

Hear from you very soon.



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