Financial freedom in retirement…the “Holy Grail”.

Hi all,

Great catching up with you all again and it's even better that I'm back on the air, writing blogs.

My last blog described our “soul searching, future gazing” process.

It was indeed time to stop and really map out our future path…our future destiny.

We needed to sit down, write down our respective and collective goals and then commit to making the changes we need to put into place to change our life's direction.

It wasn't easy. We and especially me…had to stop blaming the past for “failures” and things not going the way we planned. I remember a story that's told about Edison, who discovered the light bulb…he had over 1000 failures. He described them all as: “over 1000 ways he discovered that didn't work”. He took the positives from all his failures.

No-one said it would be easy…it has been difficult for me to accept past failures as “life's lessons” and not get hung up in them and continue to blame them for where I was in my journey.

Yes, plenty of things have gone wrong, but also plenty of things have gone right. It hasn't all been “bad news”. Both Bev and I have great children who are all working hard to establish themselves in their lives and in turn, they (and so we), have 9 grandchildren…”so far”, between us. So we are truly blessed.

So a couple of months or so ago, Bev and I decided it was really time to start working on achieving our goals (and dreams). This meant having to make heaps of changes in our lifestyle and our day to day activities.

We both recognised that we were not in the “financial space” we wanted or needed to be in for our future “financial freedom” and being able to help our kids and our grandkids grow and prosper.

After reviewing “so many” online marketing and trading programs, we both agreed that MOBE was for us.

I did all the hard work checking them out and was so skeptical, I initially said NO!

But after more research, I became convinced it was exactly what we had been looking for. I just didn't (or refused) to recognise it first time around. After all, I'd been disappointed too many times before.

We both especially like all the ongoing support we have and are continuing to receive. MOBE has made our foray into the internet marketing/business space so much easier that even we can believe.

We truly did find our financial “Holy Grail”.

If you (and your family) are struggling to make ends meet and are looking  to create wealth and sure up your financial freedom in your future, then you need look no further.

Check out what these Babyboomer achievers have done by simply following this link:

How to have financial freedom in your retirement…


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