How to have financial freedom in your retirement…

Hi everyone,

It's been a couple of weeks since I last “blogged” you all…!

I have had some website problems that have taken “experts” over a week to unfathom and set right.

But “I hope”, all is well now.

But, my time has not been wasted.

Over the past few months, Bev (my wife) and I sat down to really take stock as to where we were financially, and what needed to be done to make sure we gave ourselves every opportunity to “smell the roses” and enjoy our fast approaching retirement.

It's all very well to reach a certain age point where you are “expected” to retire. For many people, including yours truly, that idea was a fast fading dream!

Bev & and I have been scouring all manner of alternatives that would provide us with the necessary income in our retirement that we could do all the things we had in  our “bucket list”. Like going on a cruise, seeing the world, visiting exotic destinations and all those wonderful, but expensive pursuits. Our biggest and most precious concern is our respective families…our children and our children's children. Our ever increasing gang of grandchildren, both here in Australia and over in the USA. We really want to be in a financial position to be able to help and support them all as they all grow up.

So, we have investigated literally hundreds…(I do exaggerate) of “offline” and “online” alternatives. Mind you, it seemed like hundreds. We took our time and weeded out the bad ones, (dodgy ones) , and narrowed it down to half a dozen or so. We did our “due diligence” on our short list and continued culling until we arrived at MOBE…yes MOBE – which stands for “My Own Business Education”.

Bev and I knew that “click here and all your financial worries will be behind you” types of websites (businesses), were nothing more than scams that took your hard earned money, promised you the world and gave you nothing in return.

So, we put MOBE through every ringer we could find and it came up trumps.

No (false) promises of instant wealth. What it did promise was: if you're prepared to do the work, follow what we teach you, apply it, work it…you can and will be successful. Like the shampoo advertisement says: “It won't happen over night, but it will happen…”

I have been enrolled in their program for a couple of months now and it's all starting to fall into place. No “overnight success”. I kind of, didn't want that! I much preferred to work steadily and carefully and dot all the T's etc. And it's working.

We are so looking forward to full time retirement and “lifestyle” changes and opportunities that MOBE will bring to us.

Enough of me now…

I urge you to follow the link I have provided below. Follow it all the way through and watch a very thought provoking and exciting video presentation of just what can be achieved by “people in my demographic- Babyboomers”. You'll soon see there's plenty of room for you (as well).

I'm looking forward to welcoming you into our MOBE family…


Bev & Jim

Make every day your best day ever…


How to have financial freedom in your retirement...



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