My Big C journey (continued)

So, as I said in my last blog…it was down to business…and they weren't kidding!!

Next thing you know, the Oncology & Radiotherapy people give me their “schedule” for the next 7 weeks!!

Oh joy…radiotherapy every week day for the next 7 weeks and chemotherapy (thankfully), only one day each week for 7 weeks…but it goes for about 4 hours!!

All this was to kick off in the middle of May, so I had a couple of weeks, I thought, to prepare myself. But, the surprises just kept coming!!

I had an extensive list of appointments to attend. First…ENT (Ear, Nose, Throat) who always gave me “great news” about my treatment regime and insisted on jamming this very long tube into my left nostril and down into the back of my throat to check out the site and action of the primary cancer…at the base of my tongue.

They were kind enough to offer me an “alternative”…you can have 7 weeks of radio & chemo OR…we can simply cut the cancer out, which involved cutting about one a half inches off my tongue at its base.

You can guess which method I decided to use.

Then, it was off to the Oncology Department to discuss my chemo treatment and all the “side effects” and permanent damage that would be inflicted on me.

Then, I had to make an appointment to have my radiotherapy mask fitted…

I'll leave this till next time.

It was really starting to hot up and get “serious”!!

Until then…

Make every day your best day ever…

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