My Big C journey…continued

Hi everyone,

A number of my family and some keen followers of my Facebook page and blog have “reminded” me that I am missing some vital parts of my Big C journey.

The fact that once having being diagnosed with the Big C, the company I was working for (admittedly as an inbound telemarketer) stated that I no longer could work there…as I was about to lose my voice…due to the chemo & radiotherapy.

I had to admit they were right and yes, the “prediction” certainly came true very quickly. It wasn't long after I started treatment that my voice became an (almost) inaudible gravelly,  mumble!

They were very kind and stated I could always come back when I was cured (better). They even paid some additional salary and have, from time to time, called me or Facebooked me to see how I have been going!

Also…I completely forgot and now that I think of it…how I could I…I had contracted Staphylococcus Aureus –  “Golden Staph” after my cyst operation (that showed the cancer).

While Bev, my most industrious wife was packing up our unit and moving us to our new digs, I was in the Alfred Hospital with all manner of IV drips stuck in my arms.

I was very able bodied on the Saturday before our move…helping close up boxes and doing all the manual, lifting “stuff”.

But…on Sunday, my neck and face had swelled out of all proportion. It was pretty disconcerting. I thought I had busted all the stitches on my cyst removal site.

So, Bev and I are off to the Alfred Emergency Department, where they took one look and “zappo”, I was admitted. All sorts of tests, blood tests and scans and soon I found myself in a ward with lots of people asking me questions and prodding and poking the offending swollen area.

The ENT people and a whole tribe of student medicos appeared and it wasn't long before I had 3 drips in my arms pumping me with all sorts of antibiotics in the hope of discovering what caused the problem and of course setting me on the road to recovery.

So, while on the following day, (Sunday), Bev and a whole heap of our very dear friends moved our entire unit to our new townhouse, I was lying on my back with an audience of what seemed like a never ending line (groups) of very curious medical people.

Eventually, they were all somewhat relieved to discover/unearth the cause of my most recent malaise, so it wasn't long before my IV drips were (thankfully for my pin pricked arms) reduced down to just the one. So, it was onwards and upwards from there…albeit slowly.

The Alfred was beginning to feel like my “second home”…which it eventually became over the next 3 months or so…

More to come soon.

“Stay healthy”!!

And…make every day your best day ever!!

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