Not a whole lot of fun…

Hi everyone,

You think you are “doing the best thing” when you decide to “upgrade” to (what I hoped) would be a better service and a better blog…

Boy, have I had some fun over the past 10 days or so…

I applied for and paid to upgrade this blog site from one system to another so that it would be better prepared for all the future growth and functionality I envisaged.

I paid for the transition to be performed as I am the first to admit…I am in no way “technically skilled” when it comes to computers, software and fiddling with things I know very little about. I normally rely heavily on Chloe, my stepdaughter who is much better than me with all stuff “computer”!!

Chloe was able to design and implement a great new logo for my “old”site. I was very happy with the fresh new look and was excited to see what it looked like on the new transitioned site. But, you guessed it…it simply disappeared and was replaced by a “generic template”…no-one seems to know why and explain it to me!!

I found a “techy” (my term) person at work who was able to put the new logo back…I was again, just so excited and “relieved” to see everything back to normal…so I thought. Again…12 hours later, the logo was again replaced by a generic template…so it was back to the drawing board.

It's now 2 days later and I have been able to “fashion” a replacement logo. I'm still not 100% where I want it to be, but at least it now sates the name of the site/blog, albeit, without the beautiful beach and waves background.

But…I know, somewhere out there is my “old/new” logo!! I just have to keep looking.

I have put “WordPress for Dummies” on my shopping list.

I'll get the better of this thing sooner or later.

Stand by!!

Make every day your best day ever…

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