“Queen – It’s A Kinda Magic” – Online Coupon Purchasing!!

What a great night it was!! A return to my good old “rock and roll days”!!

How did this all come about??

Christmas 2016…what present do my three, very grown up children, Cameron, Laura and Sarah give me and Bev,my wife, (their stepmum),for Christmas.

They know how much both Bev and I love our “older” music, evidenced by all the old great songs we have on our  Wurlitzer jukebox.

The kids put their collective heads together and found “Queen – It's A Kinda Magic” as a Ticketek online promotion (purchase).

The printed coupon for our two tickets came beautifully and suitably wrapped in Christmas paper with a lovely personal Christmas card.

The gift was to be used on August 4th 2017…it seemed such a long way off…but, even so, we were both thrilled to get such a different gift for Christmas…one, we were sure, we would enjoy together.

Funny how things happen though… The eventual date to go to the concert duly arrived and Bev, was nowhere to be seen…in Australia at least. She was happily enjoying the 40 degree (Celsius) temperatures in LA (USA) while she was visiting her daughter Chloe, (my stepdaughter) and her three boys, Cooper, Fox & Jet and her brand new addition to the family, our precious, beautiful, girl…Sky.

So, luckily I was able to find a friend (a close mate, as we say in Australia), who also loved the old classics, such as Queen. Lucky we are still young enough to be able to remember great bands like them!!

We had just a great night as I stated in my (Jim Thoms) Facebook page. “Freddy Mercury” was absolutely brilliant and had just the most amazing energy. He sang and performed all our favorites and man, did we enjoy joining in. We sang all the songs. We (almost) knew all the words. We waved our arms. Spent most of the time standing up and really getting into it. He truly was a fantastic entertainer. He was ably backed by a great and very talented lead guitarist and a terrific bass player…(most of whom, never really get the accolades they so deserve). We had just the most fabulous night.

Isn't it amazing just how easy it is today to find great presents for family and friends by jumping online and Googling or searching names, places, times etc. and finding great coupon offers?

I have subscribed to quite a number and get emails every day from companies such as Groupon.com.au  Scoopon.com.au   Deals.com.au  Graysonline.com  Kogan.com  Clickfrenzy.com.au

I'm sure there are absolutely heaps more of these online special coupon, bargain buy types of companies. If you know of more, please share them in the comments section below.

Now that we are very much in the 21st Century and smack in the middle of a technology revolution, it never ceases to amaze me just how much we rely on the internet for our online activities, from ordering our day to day (maybe weekly) grocery shop, to shoes, clothes, jewellery, household goods, furniture, even motor cars!! We'd all be simply lost if we had to revert back to actually visiting all these places (retail outlets) to buy our necessities and luxuries as well. We are all indeed fortunate to live in such a modern and ever evolving technological world.

Despite the challenging years we all have faced (in the past) and the ones in the present…and hopefully not too many in the future…we all remain guardedly optimistic about our future and how we will live life to the fullest, ticking off our bucket list items as we go… if we are in a position to be able to do this.

Bev and I searched everywhere to find our “pot of gold” in the online world and many times..more than we care to count or remember, came up with nothing more than expensive, broken promises that fell well short of the mark.

We are indeed fortunate, (as you can be too), when we were recommended to an amazing online self education and training program. One that we could share with everyone and confidently recommend it.

I absolutely urge to follow us and discover a new and wonderful, prosperous world for you and your family. It is just great knowing all the bills are taken care of and there's more left to splash on the kids and our grandkids.

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