Retirement – retrenchment…the financial dilemma!


So…how could they?

After 40 years plus with the one company. After giving them your heart and soul, you get your “marching orders”! “We no longer need your services”!! Those words ring in your ears as you sit at your desk in absolute disbelief!

How many of us have heard those words and immediately thought: “What do I do now? How do I tell my family? What will become of me? Can I/will I be able to get another job?

So many questions race through your mind. None will get an immediate answer. It's all too jumbled. Your future is now a complete mystery!

They offer you compensation with a “retrenchment package” that would see you last a couple of years and then be completely on your own and looking for social security assistance!

What a great result after so many years of dedicated service.

Forget your experience, professional and commercial know how…it counts for nothing…so it seems!

Oh, “you've got a fortune tucked away in superannuation”, they say. How do they know what you have and haven't got. They may have it all wrong. But it's all too late and too sad.

You start doing your mental arithmetic and it doesn't take long to calculate that you will be in dire straits “financially” in a very short time. The money is stopping, but all your financial commitments will certainly keep going. Expect sympathy from your bank manager??…don't delude yourself!

So…it's all back to you!

Retirement?? It's always been the dream/goal when you got to, or close to “that age”. But it needed funding. Now that's been withdrawn. So…now what??

You have some heavy decisions to make. But…where do you start? What are the most important considerations? They are all important.

Can I get another job? At my age? Who will employ me? What jobs do I apply for? What job level do I aim for?

I need time. I need to sit down and think this all through. But…I don't have time. I need to get back on the horse as soon as possible.

So make plans.

Here's a checklist you could follow:

  1. Take stock of your current situation.
  2. Realize, it's not going to change overnight.
  3. Put plans into action…short term, medium and long term.
  4. Set your goals.
  5. Negotiate repayment plans with the financial institutions you have commitments with.
  6. Decide on your future job plans.
  7. Types of job.
  8. Full time or part time employment.
  9. Same or different industry.
  10. The type of position you now need to apply for.
  11. Your salary expectations.
  12. Level of experience required.
  13. Any travel requirements.
  14. More things to think about and plan for…the list seems endless!

So, there it is…not a very happy scene. But one that happens far too often, and it's happening more and more as technology and the “younger generation” takes over.

But, I have written an EBook (which I am putting the finishing touches to now) that will provide guidance and help in this situation and how to get that job you still are qualified and deserve to have. What you have read so far is just a small sample of what is in my book.

Let me know if you want to know more and want to discover the ways to survive “post retrenchment”.

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