“Big C” – My last 12 month’s journey

In response to growing demand over the last little while, I intend to chronicle my last 12 month's journey through my “Big C” challenge.

I do not intend to bore you…at least I hope not!

Simply I'm going to walk back through my journey from the time I had a cyst removed from my neck, to then be told I secondary cancers in my neck (which had been attached to the cyst) and a primary cancer (which they discovered in a biopsy) in my throat, at the base of my tongue.

I'll always remember the nervousness of the young doctor who was trying to work up courage to tell me about the cancers.

It was almost funny!

Once I had settled him down and accepted the diagnosis, it was: So…what do we do now”?

More of my story to come…

Stay tuned.

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